Monday, January 2, 2017

Limits: 2016

Limits. That’s what 2016 was for me. I learned the limits of my patience, empathy, and intelligence, the limits of my attention span, the limits of my emotions, the limits of my faith in humanity, the limits of my excesses, and the limits of my addictions.

I discovered the limits of being amazed by people who are always correct, rather, by people who believe that they are always correct. I discovered the limits of institutions, resistance, and communication, the limits of social media, the limits of technology, the limits of aging, and the limits of ego.

If this rattling “list of limits” gives you the impression that I’m in a shitty place because of a shitty year, it is not the case, though it was a shitty year for me (and others) in a number of ways.

But it was also a beautiful year filled with beautiful peoplepeople with beautiful ideas, who created beautiful things. It was you who kept me alive in 2016, because you knew no limits.

Happy New Year, everyone. 

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